Computer Health Service

Computer Health Service

Comprehensive Health Service

Can you afford to be without your PC or Laptop if it goes wrong?  Are you protected from losing data?  We can help you out!

What is the PC health service?

Its a series of procedures that we go through to improve the performance and extend the life of your PC or laptop. Firstly  we go through all the device components and make sure everything is working correctly, updating drivers where necessary. We also open the machine and use compressed air to clean the internals, whilst renewing the thermal paste to ensure the components are being efficiently cooled and make sure its dust and fluff free. This will ensure the machine is working correctly and  prevent it over heating.

Then the next step we take is making sure that operating system is working correctly and fully up to date with all security patches applied. We will remove start up objects which will help the system start up and perform faster. Finally we will remove any Malware & Viruses to keep your operating system clean and your data safe.

All this for just £79!


We also offer a back up service for £5 a month or £50 a year.  It will automatically back up any folders you choose without you needing to remember.  An ideal solution!  For more information go to Live Drive Information.